Friday, December 14, 2018

Today's all newspaper online

Today's all newspaper online

Newspapers are a mirror of today's society ... Today's human news has become so popular that he walks without tea in the morning, without even talking about the newspapers. Samacharas are also addictive and this addiction can be called a good addiction. There is a good thing that is a bad thing. Similarly, in the news papers, if the news papers give good and true news, society does not matter, but sometimes negative news will not affect your society. People tend to simulate the effects of tiva cheaja in negative news than positive news. There is no better thing. There are times in which there is a tendency to leave a good impression on society. It does not make society cruel and ruthless. Newspapers can do social work. If we choose useful newsletters for good and understanding, then there is no loss to us. Therefore, we should choose such headlines today. Today we see that today's media houses are not hesitant to put light news for cheap popularity. Photos or issues that are proven to be disastrous for the society. Should be done. The supplementes accompanying the accompanying specimens also attract readers who provide useful information for the lives of the readers. In short, there should be times in which the public should not have positive effects for the society, nor the fast and competitive era We should choose the names of those who are really useful to us

Newsletters inform society about all the events that take place in the world. This event is good and bad, it is the responsibility of the public servants that they should take the community as it is because the media is the fourth pillar of democracy. If we can lead development, sometimes it can also be taken towards destruction ... we have to know what kind of speeches we choose. That is why we have created a true society. 

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